Land management services help protect soil, manage critical wildlife habitat, increase income, maximize the overall use of the land and improve the overall health and value of your property.


  • Pond Construction & Rebuilds
  • Wetlands & Playa
  • Dirt Work & Field Design
    • Field Terracing
    • Field Tiling
    • Create and maintain waterways in fields
    • Develop property road & trail systems
  • Invasive Tree & Plant Removal
  • Tree & Shrub Planting
  • Food Plot Planning & Implementation
  • Filter & Riparian Strips
  • Planting Grass / Forbes / Legumes
  • Coordinate & Implement USDA programs through local NRCS & FSA offices
  • Property Security
  • Tail Camera Placement & Monitoring


FARMING & GRAZING LEASES: We help investors who purchase and hold agricultural real estate to manage and coordinate with local farmers and ranchers. Because not all farm and ranch operators are the same, we’ll help you identify the right fit for your land to help ensure stable and consistent returns from the land.

HUNTING LEASES: Hunting leases are an excellent way for landowners to increase their ROI through land. We offer hunting lease brokerage services to connect responsible sportsmen with landowners looking to increase the value of their property.

LAND VALUATIONS: We offer agriculture, hunting and ranch real estate valuation services to landowners, banks, lenders and investors specializing in rural and recreational properties.

The Wildlife Properties Land Company DIFFERENCE: For most real estate firms, the client relationship ends when the deed signed. This is the point when our client relationship is just getting started. We offer a number of ongoing management and consulting services to maintain or increase the value of your property long after the real estate transaction has been completed. These services are also useful for Sellers who are looking to prepare their property for sale when they want to get the highest value for their land.

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