Upland Game Kansas

Misconceptions About Upland Game in Kansas

By: Nick Rhodes I have hunted all my life and I’m thankful for the wildlife resource opportunities available in the great state of Kansas. Pheasant season is by far my favorite time of the year. The bird harvests in some years have been great and in others, well, I’m just glad I get to get out of the house and enjoy nature. As a real estate broker and habitat consultant, I get the opportunity to talk...

Trail Cameras – Getting Intimate with Wildlife

Within the last couple of years, trail cameras have quickly become an essential tool for hunters and outdoor enthusiast alike.  Technology and efficiency have been huge contributing factors for the advancement and affordability of standard trail cameras on the market today. Trail cameras allow us to peek inside the lives of deer and other game animals like no other scouting method has.  With...

Don't Forget the Fish

Don’t Forget the Habitat for Fish

I had a listener from our radio show write in recently asking me if I had any suggestions for stocking a small farm pond.  What a timely question and a question that most people don’t think about as they head out to their favorite fishing hole. To answer this question properly I don’t believe you can begin the question with “how many fish?” or “what kind of fish?” better yet,...

Adding Land to Your Portfolio

Adding Land to Your Investment Portfolio

I often hear people talk about what a great investment land is for numerous different reasons. When you consider appreciation, tax benefits, income from farming and/or hunting leases, Government programs like as CRP or the value of simply having a place where you can spend quality time with your family, buying land can be a solid investment vehicle. APPRECIATION: Supply and demand are major components of...

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