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Kanopolis Lake Real Estate – Ellsworth County Kansas

Kanopolis Lake real estate is a rare and desirable commodity in the Midwest. Smoky Hills vistas, unique sandstone rock formations, productive grassland prairies and abundant recreational opportunities drive the popularity of the area and keep real estate opportunities in short supply. Completed in 1948, Kanopolis Lake Reservoir is part of vast system of flood control lakes in the...

Basics Regarding a 1031 Exchange

NOTE: This blog is not intended to provide or offer financial or tax advice. If you are looking to utilize the 1031 tax code it is highly recommended that you consult your tax professional or a qualified 1031 intermediary for assistance and clarification as to your specific use. In dealing with farm and conservation land transactions, commercial real estate transactions and investment real estate...

What You Get for the Money – Buying Kansas Land

“What you get for the money” - Buying Kansas Land Buying Kansas land is an extremely attractive investment because it is valuable to a number of buyers for many different reasons. Buying Kansas land can be complicated and is capital intensive however, history has demonstrated that land ownership can be an extremely rewarding investment over time. Buying Kansas land is a process and because there are...

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