Why people are cashing out of Colorado and buying into Kansas

Cashing out of Colorado to achieve the old American dream

Sometime around 2015 I started getting various calls from Colorado residents inquiring about rural property in Kansas. It didn’t occur to me at first that this was the start of a new migration from population centers to rural areas.

How did Colorado real estate values get so high?

Real estate values in and around Colorado and especially Front Range cities like Denver and Colorado Springs are at an all-time high.

An influx of transplants from the West Coast seeking high-demand technology and oil jobs has more than irritated long-time residents. With new jobs and new transplants come new ideas, politics, change and skyrocketing real estate values.

The first wave of real estate buyers seemed like an anomaly to me but it was just the tip of the iceberg….

Why Move to Kansas?

Value – Get a Kansas Mansion for the price of a 1 Bed, 1 Bath, 670 sq ft home in Denver, CO.

Last fall a buyer came to look at a really nice rural property I had listed. My first thoughts were this family is pretty young, the buyer has a relatively blue color job how were they going to afford this really nice property?…with cash, that’s how! The young family had just sold an old 10 acre farmhouse with dilapidated buildings about 20 miles east of Denver to a developer who was going to quickly raze the place and start building tack homes.

Kansas Mansion For Sale: $347,000 – Dodge City, KS

Internet Access and Telecommuting – During the Obama Administration there was a large push to get fiber internet to some very rural areas of the country and a number of rural Kansas communities seized the opportunity to beef up their connectivity. Many places in rural Kansas have fiber internet or alternative high-speed services allowing many rural residents to work remotely.

Family Values / Small Town Life – The small town I live in has recently been inundated with new and vibrant residents. The area children once fled rural areas in search of bigger and better things in the city. Now, this generation has graduated college and started their own family only to realize they desire the safety and community that you can only realize in the rural Kansas.

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