Country Home Real Estate in Kansas

Wildlife Properties Land Company, LLC is uniquely qualified to to assist buyers and sellers in rural Kansas and Nebraska with country home real estate buying and selling. Our specialty real estate brokerage is experienced in buying and selling Kansas country home properties and small to mid-size farms, land and commercial properties in rural areas. Contact Our Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff! NICK...

Buying the Farm: Farmland Real Estate as Investment

Buying the Farm: Farmland Real Estate Investment 101 NOTE: Since the end of WWII farmland in the US has steadily risen in value for every year except four (1983, 1985, 1986, 1987) Making the case for an investment in farmland: Buying and owning farmland or rural real estate is easier than most people think. Farmland real estate, as an investment class, is much easier to research and understand...

Organic farming

Organic Farming for Wildlife on Kansas Farms

ORGANIC FARMING FOR WILDLIFE: As a wildlife habitat and land consultant I teach landowners the importance of biodiversity and using what the land itself is capable of generating and harvesting instead of trying to inject foreign practices or absurd gimmicks into the ecosystem.  To sustain and improve habitat conditions on farms I recommend methods such as using the local landscape, native vegetation,...

Waconda Lake

Waconda Lake: A Piece of History

The Outdoor and recreation enthusiasts who visit Mitchell County, Kansas each year know Waconda Lake as the state's third largest reservoir and Glen Elder State Park as one of the top spots for camping, fishing and family outings.  What many don't know is the rich history and romantic legend of the Waconda Springs that rests deep in the Kansas water. Thousands of people visit Waconda Lake and...

Upland Game Kansas

Misconceptions About Upland Game in Kansas

By: Nick Rhodes I have hunted all my life and I’m thankful for the wildlife resource opportunities available in the great state of Kansas. Pheasant season is by far my favorite time of the year. The bird harvests in some years have been great and in others, well, I’m just glad I get to get out of the house and enjoy nature. As a real estate broker and habitat consultant, I get the opportunity to talk...

Posted Places

Posted Places TV Returns to Wildlife Properties

WILDLIFE PROPERTIES was again the site of another successful hunt for the crew from the Pursuit Channel's Posted Places television show.  Country music singer and host of Posted Place TV, Kevin Blake Weldon returned to Smith County, KS to visit Wildlife Properties for a Rio Grande turkey hunt. Nearing the third day of filming Kevin, along with Wildlife Properties' Nick...

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